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Star Wars episode 7 trailer sets a world record!

Jeremy Nichols

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Click here to go to the original article on

So  apparently the second Star Wars trailer has set a world record at over 50 million views. Is this a surprise? Not really, I was probably a few thousand of those views. Ok, Ok, more like a million. But, seriously its one of the most celebrated movie franchises of all time. You should expect a response like this. Star Wars is near and dear to my heart, and they are partially responsible for my wife and I being together. So, needless to say I am following every piece of news that comes out about episode 7. But, I am really afraid that this movie is getting too much hype. I mean I honestly think the movie is going to be great, but I think there is going to be a backlash from a lot of people who feel like it did not live up to their expectations (captain obvious over here). This begs the question, will it give us the same feeling that A New Hope gave us? I think not. So, here is a piece of advice... Take a deep breath and live in the moment when it comes out, because honestly it's not going to be able to change the face of moviemaking again.

If you have been living under a rock view the trailer below.