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True Detective: season 2 premiere review.

Jeremy Nichols

    So, True Detective has a lot to live up to. Season 1 was, in my humble opinion, a masterpiece. However, like some other T.V. shows the show runners are taking the approach of making each season a standalone story. In other words, goodbye Harrelson and McConaughey. This season we have Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams, Taylor Kitsch, and Vince Vaughn as the main characters. That also means that we have a new setting, Vinci. 

    The season premiere begins with a group of disjointed stories. Each one gives us a glimpse into each character, and essentially establishes that wait for it… everybody has DRAMA!!! Ok, I know this is to be expected. However, the separate stories are constantly bouncing back and forth the whole episode which gets kind of distracting. In the end a crime ends up drawing all of them together, and it is easy to assume they are all going to have to work together to solve it. Now, I'm not going to go into detail of the plot. I personally think everyone needs to experience the story for themselves, but right now there is not a whole lot to go on. I mean it is only episode 1

    As for the performances, I was initially skeptical about the choice of Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn. I am personally not a fan of either one, but, in the first episode their performances are just fine. Keep in mind I did not say great, and thats because they were good but predictable. Neither actor is really having to stretch for these roles. Colin Farrell is brooding as always, and Vince Vaughn is doing his usual reserved tough guy that he usually does for more serious roles. This is disappointing because I want to see them really go for it, but I don't get that feeling at anytime. 

    So, the season premiere came and went and I am left very luke warm. Keep in mind that, as I said earlier, it is only episode 1. The show could easily pick up steam and become great. Thats why I always give a show at least 4 episodes before I give up. However, The show has some big shoes to fill, and I am honestly left unconvinced that it can live up to season 1. So, we will see what happens.