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Essential Batman Stories

Jeremy Nichols

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Ok guys, today we have another article from Jordan Duncan. He decided to put together an essential stories list for Batman. Enjoy!

Since Jeremy has been nice enough to let me be a guest on the It’s All In My Head Podcast three times now, and with the most recents visits we’ve been talking a lot about Batman, specifically Batman Arkham Knight, I thought I’d repay the kindness by putting together a small list (Ugh, another internet list! I know, I know. Haha!) of Batman stories. 

            If you’re no stranger to Batman, then there is a good chance that you probably know that Batman Arkham Knight was an amalgamation of various Batman stories made to fit the video game narrative. If you haven’t read or seen these stories, Here is were to look! Also, be warned there might be a few SPOILERS in the descriptions below. So if you haven’t finished the game, continue reading at your own risk.


Batman: Death In The Family


            This story is important in the Batman continuity because this was the death of the second Robin, Jason Todd. Todd was a very unpopular character amongst the DC reader of the time and the fans voted to have him killed off. This is the Joker at one of his most brutal moments


Batman: Knightfall


            Though Bane isn’t in Batman Arkham Knight, Azrael is. In this story from the early 1990s, Bane breaks Batman’s back and chooses to have a temporary replacement Batman, Azrael, while he recovers. Not everything goes according to Batman’s plan.


Batman: The Killing Joke


            Another Joker story. I know it seems that the Batman mythos leans heavily on Joker, but this story is definitely a standout. This is the story where Barbara Gordon is shot in the spine crippling her. Her days of Batgirl are over and her days as Oracle begin.


Batman: The Animated Series/The New Adventure of Batman - “Over the Edge”


            You can find this episode on the fourth volume box set of the Batman Animated Series. It’s a Scarecrow story and one of my personal favorites. The episode starts with Batgirl getting killed and Commissioner Gordon unmasking her to find out it’s his daughter Barbara. Gordon then makes the capture of Batman, Robin, and Nightwing priority #1. How does the Scarecrow fit in? You’ll just have to watch and see.