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Getting Into the Spirit : Day 13 - Trick r Treat


Getting Into the Spirit : Day 13 - Trick r Treat

Jordan Duncan

Ghostly greetings and welcome back for another day of Getting Into the Spirit! Jordan Ghastly here today to talk about one of my favorite films, Trick r Treat

Trick r Treat is an amazing cult classic. It was originally to be released in September of 2007, but was pushed back and shelved for unknown reasons. The film never saw a proper theater release with the exception of a handful of special film festival screenings. It was eventually released on DVD and Blu-ray in early fall of 2009, which is where I was first introduced to the film. 

The film is an anthology of stories that take place on Halloween night in a town in Ohio that embraces the holiday. Much like the film Pulp Fiction, each character's story in Trick r Treat at some point intersects with another character's story. Each story is also a myth or legend of Halloween. For example, one story is about always checking the Halloween candy before you eat it, another is a story about that one old man's house in the neighborhood to never go trick-or-treating at, and another is the town's urban legend ghost story. Throughout all of these stories is one constant; a character named Sam (no doubt short for Samhain - pronounced "Sow-in" - the ancient Celtic holiday that takes place on October 31st). Sam is the spirit of Halloween and his job is to make sure that everyone upholds the "rules" of Halloween. 

The film was inspirited by an animated short named Season's Greetings that was was also made by the film's director, Michael Dougherty. In the short, Sam wanders around town on a Halloween night attempting to trick-or-treat, but runs into a bit of....trouble.

Trick r Treat is one of those rare horror movies that isn't just a great horror movie, but it is also a great Halloween movie. One would think that with the mythology, folklore, and history of Halloween, we'd have more crossover films outside of the handful that already exist. Trick r Treat nails it and for that reason, it is on my annual viewing list. 

- Jordan