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Getting Into the Spirit: Day 16 - Ghost Stories Pt. 2

Jordan Duncan

Well hello, and welcome back to Getting Into the Spirit! Jordan here. The last post was a documentary on the history of Halloween. This post will be similar in that the video will be a mini documentary, but it will be region specific. Earlier this week I posted a ghost story, The Phantom Coach, today's post will be a collection of ghost stories that are, allegedly, real. 

There are a few cities in the country that claim the title "The Most Haunted City in America". Savannah, Ga is one of those cities. Savannah was one of the first planned cities in the American colonies, before America was at war with Britain in the 18th century. Savannah has lived through the American Revolution and the United States Civil War. It has remained a major port city and was very important in ship manufacturing during World War II. With as beautiful of a city that Savannah is, the fact that it has lived through such turmoil and war gives it a haunting aura. Rightfully so because this city has its fair share of ghost stories. Here are just a few. Ghost stories always get me in the mood for Halloween, real or not. 

But before you start the video, if you have not had the chance to visit this amazing city, I would highly recommend doing so. 

- Jordan