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Getting into the Spirit: Day 1 - Halloween III: Season of the Witch


Getting into the Spirit: Day 1 - Halloween III: Season of the Witch

Jeremy Nichols


Hey all, Jordan here! I know I'm a day late getting the festivities started on our month-long event, but I ran into some technical difficulties on my end. They are cleared up now, so let's go for it! Day 1 of GETTING INTO THE SPIRIT is dedicated to a film that I was introduced to a bit later in life, HALLOWEEN III: SEASON OF THE WITCH!

Now, is this the best film of the HALLOWEEN franchise? Probably not. Is it my favorite film of the franchise? YOU BET YOUR SWEET HALLOWEEN CANDY CORNS IT IS!  

This film was heavily criticized for not showcasing the Michael Myers character that the first two HALLOWEEN films made so popular. As a matter of fact, he was not even supposed to be in the sequel, but he was so popular a second Myers film needed to happen. With the third film, the producers decided to go a different route and try an entirely new story without the Myers character. When it was released, the film was met with disappointment for the lack of Myers. 

However, what the film did showcase was an important aspect of Halloween. Masks! The story centers around a company called Silver Shamrock. Shamrock produces three masks: a jack-o-lantern, a skeleton, and a witch. All of which are best sellers with just about every kid getting a hold of one. There was also a creepy jingle that was created by Silver Shamrock for the masks.

It turns out that these masks are more than meets the eye when the main characters Daniel and Ellie stumble upon Silver Shamrock's secret plans that involve the massively popular masks. 


What makes this film great, to me at least, is not the fact that it is a great movie. I mean, I think it is great. But what really sells it for me what this film is indicative of during the Halloween season. This film came out in 1982, year before I was born. And, when the film was being made, there was no historic value to it. To the film creators it was just a contemporary horror film. To this guy, 30+ years later, it is a reminder of what Halloween was when I was growing up. From the costumes and masks that were made, the low-budget Silver Shamrock Commercial, even giant furniture piece television that the commercial played on in the main character's home, as well as the home decor in the film. All of these things in the film are a reminder (to me, at least) of what Halloween was like growing up. Halloween and Christmas are two holidays that owe a lot to nostalgia, and attempting to recapture what each were like as a child when you are a grown up seems like a common theme amongst most people. I think HALLOWEEN III, for all of its faults, does a solid job of reminding me of the Halloween season circa 1980s and early 1990s. 


Again, it might not be the best of the HALLOWEEN franchise, but dammit if it is not one of the most fun!

- Jordan