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Getting Into the Spirit: Day 17 - Corn Mazes!


Getting Into the Spirit: Day 17 - Corn Mazes!

Jordan Duncan


Well....Where the heck have you guys been? What? Me? No, no, you must be mistaken. I was here the whole time....Ok, ok, you got me. I've been MIA this last week. But I'm back, so get ready for a slew of posts this evening!

So, for today's Getting Into the Spirit post we're going to celebrate something that isn't specifically Halloween, but is associated with the fall season: corn mazes!


Corn mazes are a lot of fun. During the beginning of fall, many summertime only places like water parks and certain amusement parks close up shop until the following Spring. The number of family friendly places to go seems to go down. But for the fall season, before the weather gets to cold, corn mazes fill that void of fun places to go! And, if you're lucky, you might get an added bonus because many corn mazes also offer more services. For example, some might also have a hay ride, a pumpkin patch, and sometime even a local concert venue for local acts. 


And, if you're REALLY lucky, certain corn mazes offer "haunted corn mazes" either after certain hours or on certain nights. Scare actors dress up and hide out in the maze ready to scare you in the spirit of the season. 


If you're interested in looking for a corn maze near you, check out this website! 

- Jordan

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