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Getting Into the Spirit: Day 18 - The Halloween Tree


Getting Into the Spirit: Day 18 - The Halloween Tree

Jordan Duncan


Hello one and all and welcome back to another Getting Into the Spirit. Today's topic is something I've only recently added to my Halloween arsenal. Growing up, I never read much Ray Bradbury, only in my 20s did I start to discover his literary genius, which led me to THE HALLOWEEN TREE. 

At its core, the story of the book is about friendship. On one Halloween night, when a group of friends set out to go tick-or-treating, they learn that their friend Pipkin is almost on the verge of death. With the information of a mysterious man by the name of Clarence Clavicle Moundshroud, the group of friends set off on a Halloween adventure through time learning about Halloween's origins but also trying to save Pipkin's soul. 


The book isn't very long at around 160 pages. It is a quick read. However, if reading isn't really your thing, Cartoon Network aired an animated feature in the late 1990s which should be available for purchase on DVD. The animated version is abridged and you don't get the full effect as you do with the book. But it is still great nonetheless. 


When I read THE HALLOWEEN TREE for the first time, I knew that it was going to be added to my annual Halloween traditions. I hope you enjoy it too!

- Jordan