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Getting Into the Spirit: Day 23 - The Haunted History of Halloween

Jordan Duncan

Welcome back for another day of Getting Into the Spirit. I'll keep this one short and sweet. A couple of weeks back I posted a documentary from The History Channel called THE REAL STORY OF HALLOWEEN. This wasn't the first time The History Channel made a documentary of the history of Halloween. In the late 1990s they released THE HAUNTED HISTORY OF HALLOWEEN. This was also before all of the pawn shop and trucker shows that has been showcased as of late on the channel. 

Between the two documentaries there does exist a bit of crossover on topics, but where one might not focus much on a certain topic, the other does a good job of covering the subject. Between these two documentaries, a solid history of the holiday is made. I will say, however, that the product value on this specific one is a bit dated, but it still gets the point across. 

- Jordan