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Getting Into the Spirit: Day 25 - Halloween Decorations


Getting Into the Spirit: Day 25 - Halloween Decorations

Jordan Duncan


Welcome one and all back for another post of Getting Into the Spirit. We all know that Halloween night is the culmination of a month's (or more) work and preparation. The final payoff. The night everyone gets dressed in their costumes and has a fun spooky night with their friends trick or treating and getting some great candy! But it's that preparation and anticipation that makes Halloween night so much fun. One way of getting prepared is decorating! 

Much like the Halloween costumes in the previous post, one of the ways you knew Halloween was around the corner was the arrival of the Halloween decorations in the stores. When I was a wee Ghastly, decorations were made from thick cardboard and usually depicted one of the Halloween icons: a jack-o-lantern, a skeleton, a witch, a ghost, or a black cat. Some of the nicer decorations were made from molded plastic to give a 3-D type effect for a giant jack-o-lantern or ghost. Some of these classics still exist, like the giant jack-o-lantern bag that you fill with dead leaves (as a child, I fell for this trick every year because my parent wanted me to rake the yard). 


With how much Halloween has grown in popularity over the last 20-30 years, the Halloween decorations have become more elaborate. Now, many houses are decorated with gravestones, lights, shapes projected on the front of a house, animatronic monsters, and some houses even go all the way and rig a light show up that syncs to Halloween music. It used to be a family tradition of mine as a child to go look at Christmas lights, but now I've started to adapt that tradition to hop in my car to go look at Halloween decorations. Hope you see some great ones this year! 

- Jordan