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Getting Into the Spirit: Day 30 - Disney's Halloween Treat!

Jordan Duncan

Jordan Ghastly here with my final installment of Getting Into the Spirit! I say finally because our Halloween Episode for It's All In My Head will be available tomorrow and it will be our 31st installment of the month-long event! Before I talk about today's post, I just wanted to give a very big sincere THANK YOU to all who have come along with me for the month-long journey of Getting Into the Spirit! I hope that you enjoyed reading it as much as I had writing it. I also hope that maybe some of the things that were posted made their way into your Halloween traditions this year and many years to come! Again, Thank you all for reading! 

Today's post is Disney's Halloween Treat. I know, I know. I've posted tons of Disney stuff all month. But that is because Disney is just so damn good at Halloween! It's hard to say no! Disney's Halloween Treat first aired in 1982. It is essentially a hodgepodge of all the scary and spooky things Disney has released in the years prior, but cut together and narrate by a jack-o-lantern puppet. There have since been a couple of different cuts of Disney's Halloween Treat, but all capture the same spooky fun! 

Enjoy! And Happy Halloween!