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Getting Into the Spirit: Day 6 - Hocus Pocus


Getting Into the Spirit: Day 6 - Hocus Pocus

Jeremy Nichols

Jeremy here. When we decided to do "Getting Into the Spirit", I knew I would have to cover my all time favorite Halloween movie, Hocus Pocus. This has been a staple in my household for years. Every time Halloween gets close this goes on repeat.


Now, most people like to watch horror movies around this time of the year, but as I have said on the podcast I am not a big fan of horror movies. It's not that I'm squeamish, or even that I'm scared easily I just don't enjoy them for some reason. A horror movie has to be really special to catch my attention. So, for that reason my favorite movie is a childhood classic, and here is why... Halloween, to me, is about the wonder you feel as a child when you are able to be something else for one night, and the cool decorations are a huge plus. It's not about being scared, it's about going out with your friends and feeling like you are in another world. For me, this movie embodies that whole aura that Halloween has around it. It does not do it thematically or directly point to that kind of a message, but it does it by accident. Hocus Pocus takes me back to how Halloween felt when I was a kid. It allows me to go back to a time when it was still a truly special holiday, because it seems like the holiday has fallen by the wayside the past couple of years. We all need a bit more Halloween in our lives, and this brings it back for me.