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Getting Into the Spirit: Day 4 - Haunted Houses


Getting Into the Spirit: Day 4 - Haunted Houses

Jeremy Nichols


Ghostly greetings, all! Jordan here! The fall weather is starting to kick in. The mornings and evenings are starting to become cool and crisp. The autumn breeze whispers as it starts to rustle the changing leaves. The days are starting to become noticalby shorter as night creeps upon us earlier and earlier. But when the night comes, ghosties and ghouls come out to play!

Haunted Houses are a staple around September, October, and early November all around the the world. No, I'm not talking about actual haunted private residences, I'm talking about staged Haunted Houses! There is something about a Haunted House that is both scary and entertaining and many people get into the spirit of Halloween by enjoying being scared and entertained. Haunted Houses typically have a theme throughout. Some could be about a vampire in Transylvania, another could be about a zombie virus outbreak, a scary circus, or even a crazy psycho killer on the loose. Inside the Haunted House, actors are outfitted with elaborate costumes, make up, and facial prosthetics jump out of hiding spots in the House to deliver blood curdling screams.


Yeah, sure, all the Haunted Houses are all staged. But the point is that someone took the time to create a scary world for people to enter and have some fun in a horror movie/scary story setting for anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour (depending on the Haunted House). Yes, it could be scary, but that is all part of the fun of Haunted Houses. Some Haunted Houses can be a bit more extreme than others, so do some research if your level of commitment isn't too high. But when you go, get scared and have a few laughs with some friends!


If you're interested in seeing what Haunted Houses are in your city/area. Check out this website! I think the It's All In My Head crew will be making a visit to a popular Atlanta Haunt very soon!