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Getting Into the Spirit: Day 5 - Morgus the Magnificent!


Getting Into the Spirit: Day 5 - Morgus the Magnificent!

Jeremy Nichols

Hello boils and ghouls (There might be a good chance I stolen that line from the Cryptkeeper)! It's is I, Jordan Ghastly, once again, for IAIMH's daily GETTING INTO THE SPIRIT post! I won't lie. I'm cheating and being a little bit selfish for today's post. Today's post is dedicated to Morgus the Magnificent!


The subject of today is fairly niche and many of you might not know about him. Now, I don't mean to say that with a sense of hipster or street cred, but more so because the Morgus is incredibly regional. I've said on the IAIMH podcast many times before that I'm from a small town in Louisiana just about 45 minutes south from New Orleans (Yes, there is a south of New Orleans). Growing up "down the bayou", we had our own New Orleans version of Elvira: Mistress of the Dark in Morgus the Magnificent. His

Mogus was (and to some extent still) played by New Orleans actor Sidney Noel Rideau (Sid Noel) and is a mad scientist type who would host a horror or science fiction film while also conducting experiments in his lab called the House of Shock. He also had two sidekicks. One was a lab assistant named Chopsley who dawned a wardrobe that was similar to that of an executioner.


The other was a wisecracking human skull named Eric, who , later in the 1980s, was connected to a supercomputer and renamed E.R.I.C. (The Eon Research Infinity Computer) because he now had the knowledge of the universe.


Morgus' show, MORGUS PRESENTS, had its start in 1959 and has continued on-again-off-again though the decades with the most recent version being in 2011. As a matter of fact, in the early 60s, Morgus was so popular that New Orleans musician Frankie Ford recorded a song credited to Frankie Ford & Morgus & The Three Ghouls. a 7' record was pressed with the song "Morgus the Magnificent" b/w "Lonely Boy."

Now, I know I said I cheated for this one posting such a specific character from a somewhat regional television show, but for a little Jordan Ghastly, Morgus was one of my first introductions to the horror and sci-fi genres. Especially for the month of October, Morgus was everywhere! TV shows, commercials, billboard ads, you name it! If you're unfamiliar with Morgus or MORGUS PRESENTS, he might not get you into the spirit, but I highly recommend giving him a look up. There are tons of YouTube clips available and of you do some digging on the internet, there is even a DVD for purchase out there. For me (and maybe some of my friends and family who still live in Louisiana), Morgus definitely get this guy into the Halloween spirit!

- Jordan