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Getting Into the Spirit: Day 8 - Halloween Music Pt. 1.


Getting Into the Spirit: Day 8 - Halloween Music Pt. 1.

Jordan Duncan

Well hello again. Jordan Ghastly here. So far for Getting Into the Spirit we've talk about films, TV shows, personalities, and events. For today's post, we'll listen to some music. Again, I come from south Louisiana, the birthplace of jazz. Jazz music has always been a constant in my life even though I never really appreciated it until I was in my twenties. The Halloween theme lends itself to the musical styling of jazz very well. And given the time frame when jazz was the go-to music of popular culture, the 1920s-early 1960s, the modern day Halloween was also taking shape. It isn't a surprise that many contemporary jazz artists of the time caught the Halloween bug and started writing Halloween songs. Here are some early jazz and big band Halloween songs! So, turn the lights out, turn up your speakers, site back and enjoy these songs from Louis Armstrong, Glenn Miller, and Kay Starr! Try not to get too scared!

- Jordan