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Getting Into the. . . Spirit.


Getting Into the. . . Spirit.

Jeremy Nichols

Hello, everyone! In an effort to produce more content for the website, the crew here at It's All In My Head would like to introduce a month-long Halloween event called "Getting Into the . . . Spirit"! The whole crew, especially Jordan, are big fans of the Halloween season and would love to share some Halloween themed fun with you!  


How will this work, you ask? Every day for the month of October one of the IAIMH crew will post a blog. The content of the blog will showcase something that the crew does to get into the Halloween spirit. One day it might be a write up on a movie, another day it could be audio from a song, and other days it could be some Halloween history. Who knows! But why stop there? It could be anything!!! Scared yet? 

Stay tuned! Don't touch that dial (Dial? This is the internet! What are you talking about?)! Get ready to be spooked!  

This may or may not be Jordan's mantle. Ok, it totally is Jordan's mantle. 

This may or may not be Jordan's mantle. Ok, it totally is Jordan's mantle.