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Jeremy Nichols

Hello all! My name is Jeremy Nichols and I started this podcast in order to get over some personal anxieties (Go listen to the "Talking Anxiety With Joey" episode and it explains everything), and to goof off with my friends by talking about the nerdy stuff we are all into. Little did I know it would build friendships and turn into something that we genuinely care about. Outside of the podcast I am a Special Ed paraprofessional, and an aspiring audio engineer/music producer. I love  90's Alt Rock, Futurama, Anything Star Wars related (Did you catch the Rancor on the front page? Good.. You're in the right place...), Doctor Who, Wolverine, The X-Files, and many more things that would take to long to mention . This podcast Is a labor of love. So please stick around for awhile, It would make us all incredibly happy.

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Jordan Duncan

I'm a relocated Cajun from the bayous of south Louisiana. I have a life long love of animation, film, music, and comics. I consider myself a historian. Mythology and Folklore enthusiast. I like long trips to Walt Disney World, cookies and cream milkshakes, and long walks on the beach during the sunset.....what's that? OH! Oh, OK... Jeremy is telling me that it's not supposed to be that kind of bio. *Ahem*.  I do love all things Disney. Lover of ghost stories. I'm a video gamer when I can find the time. I'm an unabashed cat lover and my cats are probably cooler than you. I always dress for the job that I want, which means that I typically wear a Batman suit every time I leave the house. 

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Ryan Sterritt

Look, I'm not sure what goes in these things so just hang with me here: My name is Ryan and I love goofing off with the guys on this page.I'm an avid movie lover, a drummer and a sucker for a good video game campaign. Some of my favorite movies are Inception, Gremlins, and The Prestige, while the Halo series and Grand Theft Auto V will be my favorite games. Anyone who is a regular listener of this podcast may know that my favorite band of all time is Motion City Soundtrack. Seriously, go listen to "Days Will Run Away" and tell me you don't get goosebumps by the end. The idea that people can get onstage and express their deepest emotions through the passion of music is always going to strike me and no one does it quite like Justin Pierre of Motion City does. I know this has gotten serious so just know that I will always laugh at Tom Hanks saying "Hello, here's Mr. Nasty" from You've Got Mail. Thank you for tuning in and supporting this crazy, beautiful podcast!

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Griffin Driskell

    Griffin Driskell is an artist and creative.  Currently living in Marietta, GA, he works as a paraprofessional to lower grade elementary children with Autism.  Starting his career of binge watching movies with the original Star Wars trilogy and the Batman series, Griffin continues to love to marathon movies and video games till completion.  When he is not working on someone else's series, Griffin works in various fields of art.  He most proudly likes to display his cut-paper and digital portraits, but he dabbles in all forms of media, including photography, film, and fabrication, including various costumes, and a life size of replica of Billy from the Saw series.  In Spring of 2016, Griffin released his first full band album, Hex Girlfriend EP, a surf rock project following the story of an ex-girlfriend who turned out to be a real witch. His current long term project is creating a 20-minute rock opera by the same title.

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