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It's All In My Head Podcast



Episode 60- D23

Jeremy Nichols

Hey guys, this week on the podcast Jordan, Ryan, and Jeremy sit down to discuss what happened during the most recent D23 Expo. Enjoy!!!

Episode 57- Our MoMo Con Experience

Jeremy Nichols

Hey guys, It is now time to recap our 2017 MoMo Con. We all get together to share stories, discuss what we liked, and get way off topic as usual. Please be sure to stick around  to the very end so you can hear some of the interviews we did on the con floor and check out their links below. Enjoy

Razorfly Studios-  


ATL Ghostbusters-

Dim Horizon-

Mr. 3D-

War Games-

Episode 56- Preparing for MoMoCon and Guardians Vol.2

Jeremy Nichols

Hey Guys! Since we are getting ready for MoMoCon this weekend Ryan, Jordan, and Jeremy get together to discuss what is in store for coverage. We also have all finally seen Guardians Vol. 2 so we talk about that as well. Be sure to head on over and like us on our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter and Instagram to get in on this weekend's fun. See Ya!!!

Episode 52- Jess From MoMoCon

Jeremy Nichols

As to be expected on It's All In My Head, we love conventions. So much in fact that we decided to bring on Jess Merriman, the head of MoMoCon. This is a homegrown convention for comics, gaming , and anime. So join us as we talk about how the convention, and as we go off on our usual tangents. Enjoy!